Medium Fur Pet Blanket Throw | Soft Warm Fleece Blanket For Dog and Cats


Medium Fur Fleece Pet Blanket

Indulge your pet with a brand new fur fleece blanket that will keep them toasty warm during these cold nights. This cool blanket with its multi-colored bone/paw prints is a cute and fun design.

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Pet Blankets – Warm and Cozy Fleece Blanket for Dogs and Cats

Fleece Pet blankets are super soft and warm pet blankets. This blanket will keep your pets warm and protected from the cold. The fabric of the blanket is super soft and made of the finest quality.

This pet blanket can be effectively used as a dog blanket or cat blanket or even any of your lovely pets. This fleece pet blanket works amazingly as a pet blanket throw for your pets.

Covering your pets with this soft warm pet blanket will prevent scratch damage to your furniture.

The pet blanket for dogs, cats, and every pet looks so great. The paws & bones pattern with extra comfy and soft fleece fur, makes this blanket the best of all compared to other pet blankets on the market.

  • EASY TO WASH: This luxury pet blanket is easily machine washable. Simply throw it in your washing machine whenever you’re ready to clean it! No fancy washing instructions, hand-washing, or one-time usage. This large, luxurious, soft, warm pet blanket can be used and reused time and time again for your fur baby’s ultimate comfort.
  • Comfy and also lightweight – this pet blanket is not too heavy and does not create any kind of discomfort for your cats & dogs. These blankets are super warm and super light. This blanket can be easily carried and washed.
  • The pet blanket or dog blanket size is approx 100 x 85 cm.
  • This pet blanket is wide and long enough to give warmth to your pets.
  • The material used for this dog blanket is 100% polyester.
  • This pet blanket throw is ideal for all kinds of pets of almost all ages.

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