Bakhoor Ghawi 30g by Nabeel


Bakhoor Ghawi

A stunning Arabic fragrance, with a woody and saffron scent, that opens up with a strong oriental aroma…

This Arabian oud bakhoor is perfect for your homes. Looking for an everyday scent? Or a rich and deep Arabian Oud fragrance? Look no further. This Arabian incense will be perfect for sprucing up your environment.

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Bakhoor Ghawi by Nabeel

Fragrance Notes: woody, oriental, saffron, sandalwood

  • An Arabian oud bakhoor of 30g.
  • Perfect for your home or car.
  • Comes beautifully packaged.

The best Arabian bakhoor oud incense for your home. Create a calm and comforting atmosphere with this stunning fragrance. Invite the smell of Middle Eastern souks into your home. Let your loved ones know you’re thinking of them with this fine fragrance. Bakhoors are the strong and intense scent that will help get rid of bad odours. The Bakhoor Ghawi incense comes beautifully packaged, giving an air of opulence. This is a luxurious bakhoor, replicated in its majestic appearance. The best Arabian Oud fragrance you will find…

Nabeel is a well-known manufacturer of many Bukhoors and Fragrances.

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Additional information

Fragrance Type

Home Incense




gnite charcoal over a flame until it begins to glow.
Place it into a bakhoor or incense holder
Wait for 2 minutes
Break up the bakhoor and sprinkle it over the hot coal
Fragrance should permeate the air


Risk of fire and burns
Keep away from children


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