Room Water Spray | Romancea 250ml by Ard Al Zaafaran


Romancea by Ard Al Zaafaran

A soft scent with a diverse blend of fruits and flowers, with a hint of the warm musky accents to create a fragrance reminiscent of nature.

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Romancea Room Water Spray by Ard Al Zaafaran

Fill the air with a light and refreshing fragrance.

Top Notes: Tangerines, Apricots and Blackcurrants

Middle Notes: Jasmine and caramel

Base Notes: Vanilla, Wood and Musk

Explore a huge range of Ard Al Zaafaran Room Water Spray for a variety of invigorating and enjoyable fragrances.

Alcohol free and safe to use.
Made in U.A.E

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Weight 260 g
Dimensions 5.3 × 5.3 × 23.5 cm


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