Clear Cake Stand with Dome Lid | Kitchen


Clear Cake Stand with Dome Lid

You too can have your very own tea party with out cake stand. It comes with a dome lid and dipping tray in its center. Its vintage vibe is a part of its allure.

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Cake Stand with Dome Lid

Fancy a cake stand with that vintage aesthetic? Need it for your next afternoon tea party?

  • Made from plastic, this clear cake stand will look perfect with any colourway.
  • Engraved with swirly stylized patterns.
  • The cake stand can also be used as a dip tray as it comes with a small dipping bowl in its center.
  • Size: approx. diameter of the stand is 26.3 cm. The small dip bowl is 12 cm.
  • Light weight and easy to carry.
  • The prefect afternoon tea style cake stand with a dome lid. Use it at a party or for any other special occasions!

This elegant cake stand is the perfect addition to your home and kitchen. Light weight and easy to move about, you won’t have to worry about moving your cake stand around when hosting your parties. Keep it on your kitchen table or dining room with a delicious cake all year round for the perfect homely vibe. Its engraved swirly patterns give it that old and timely vintage feel that is a part of its appealing aesthetic.

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