Bakhoor Black Oud by 50 grams My Perfumes


Bakhoor Black Oud

A soft scent full of lightness and freshness, framed by an alluring musk aroma, that invites you to bask in a bed full roses…

A premium selection of bakhoors by My Perfumes. We offer you a luxury range of Arabian Oud fragrances perfect for your home.

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Bakhoor Black Oud by My Perfumes

Fill the air with a light and refreshing Arabian Oud fragrance

Fragrance Notes: Oud, agarwood, fragrance powder, blossom, sandalwood, amber

My Perfumes significant experience and knowledge of the industry has enabled them to master the science and art of making exquisite, unforgettable scents. Made in U.A.E

EA Distribution brings you the best in Arabian Bakhoor fragrances. We stock brands such as Ard Al Zaafaran, Lattafa, Nabeel and Al Rehab. Looking for the next best fragrance?… Shop on our site now!

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