Oud and Rose Eau de Parfum 100ml by Brandy Designs For Men


Fragrances Notes: Oud and Roses

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Introducing “Oud&Rose” by Brandy Perfumes, a fragrance masterpiece crafted especially for men. This captivating scent harmonizes the rich and distinctive notes of oud and rose, resulting in an unforgettable olfactory experience that exudes sophistication and charm.

Oud&Rose comes in a luxurious eau de parfum formulation, presented in a generous 100 ml bottle. With its ample supply, you can indulge in the enchanting aroma of this captivating fragrance whenever you desire.

At the heart of Oud&Rose lies the intense and woody aroma of oud, renowned for its deep and resinous scent that embodies masculinity and refinement. This robust foundation is artfully complemented by the delicate and romantic essence of rose, adding a touch of elegance and sensuality to the fragrance.

As you wear Oud&Rose, it evolves on your skin, revealing layers of complexity and depth. The initial burst of oud gradually mellows into a harmonious blend of floral and earthy tones, creating a captivating scent profile that captivates the senses.

True to Brandy Perfumes’ commitment to excellence, Oud&Rose boasts a long-lasting formula that lingers throughout the day, leaving behind a trail of confidence and allure wherever you go. Each bottle is meticulously crafted using only the finest ingredients, ensuring a premium fragrance experience that stands the test of time.

The sleek and sophisticated design of the packaging reflects the timeless elegance that Brandy Perfumes embodies. Indulge your senses and elevate your grooming routine with the luxurious aroma of Oud&Rose by Brandy Perfumes. Experience the epitome of sophistication and refinement with every spritz.


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