Kingdom Eau de Parfum The Crown Of Ayat 100ml


Kingdom Eau de Parfum The Crown Of Ayat 100ml by Ayat Perfumes inspires by the Arabian Peninsula with notes of Roses, Spices, and Cedar

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Kingdom Eau de Parfum The Crown Of Ayat 100ml

Fragrance Notes

Top notes:- Rosemary, Cedar, Bergamot, Lemon

Heart Notes:- Spices, Cedar, Guiac Wood

Base Notes:- Resins, Amber, Musk, Agarwood

KINGDOM: ORIENTAL PERFUME: Encased in a stunning 100 ml bottle, this Arabian attar is an excellent option as a present or for your everyday use.

THE CROWN OF AYAT: The Gold Series combines Arabian heritage with French elegance, presented in a magnificent gold bottle reminiscent of a prince’s precious jewel.

MADE IN DUBAI: Our fragrances are crafted and designed in Dubai, surpassing industry standards for exceptional quality. All our products are tailored to meet high-end expectations, ensuring a long-lasting effect.

UNISEX FRAGRANCE: This gourmet, refreshing, and light Attar is suitable for all occasions and an ideal choice for individuals of all age groups, both men and women.

GIFT: An elegant and fresh fragrance specifically developed for the charismatic. It can be a perfect addition to any gift set.

AYAT PERFUMES: As experts in fragrance composition, our perfumes are the result of meticulous effort. We strive to offer high-quality home fragrances composed of specially selected exotic ingredients.




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