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Love Your Leather Kit

This kit takes care of all your leather care needs. The kit includes four bottles that cleanse, nourish, protect and remove stains from any leather material. It also includes two cleaning cloths and one sponge.

Keep your leather furniture squeaky clean and shiny with this care kit that has everything you need!

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This home kit includes:

Leather Cleaner 250ml

  • Love your leather with this cleaning solution that helps you care for and clean your leather furniture. It is ideal for spot stains and larger areas of dirt.

Leather Nourishing & Protection Cream 250ml

  • Leather needs to be nourished if it to stay supple and not dry out. This aqueous-based cream is a rich blend of premium waxes, emulsifiers and conditioning creams. It is specially formulated to condition, nourish and protect precious leather.

Leather Ink Remover 50ml

  • Ink is the enemy. If there’s an unfortunate accident, this ink remover will tackle those fresh ink stains while being gentle on the leather.

Leather Cream Concentrate 250ml

  • If you run out of leather cleaner, you can make more with this. Just make sure this concentrated solution is mixed in this kits original leather bottle. Its pump action is designed to disperse the solution properly when cleaning.

2x Cloths | 1x Sponge



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