Grey Elephant Door Stopper


This sturdy but soft door stop will keep those doors wide open. The simple herringbone material door stop will be a stunning addition to your home.

Choose from two colours.

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Grey Elephant Door Stopper

  • Made of 100% Polyester in a beautiful checked pattern.
  • This novelty animal door stop is both adorable and practical. Who doesn’t love a dog shaped door stop?
  • Size: approximately 25-30cm in height.
  • Weighing at 1Kg
  • Choose from two colours: brown and grey.
  • A novelty door wedge perfect for keeping your doors open as well as being a decorative home piece.

This Grey Elephant Door Stopper wedge will open all the doors in your home. Get rid of those boring wooden wedges and replace them with these decorative novelty door stops. If you like funky door stops then this cat shaped wedge, with its beautiful Herringbone material, is the one for you. At an approximate weight of 1Kg, this door stop is heavy enough to keep those sturdy doors wide open, but soft enough to not stub your toes! Available in two colours: brown and grey, these stunning colours will fit into any home. This would make a great novelty gift to your friends and family for their homes!

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