Grey Dog Draught Excluder


Schnauzer Dog Draught Excluder Cushion Door Stopper Polyester Fabric Material & Filling, Stitched, Velvety Soft Fleece and Long Animal Stoppers.

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Grey Dog Draught Excluder

  • Stop Pesky Drafts from Getting into Your Rooms with A Cushions cushions-stuffing door Excluder So That You Can Stay Nice and Snug. Getting Drafts Through Windows Too? Then Use The Excluder As Window Insulation, Whether it’s windows in the house or garage windows!
  • Know Someone Who Loves Bulldogs & Sausages? Perfect Novelty Gifts for Animal Lovers of All Types To Cuddle With, Keep In The Heat Or For Those Who Desire a Toy For Animals.
  • Feeling Antsy About Bugs? Then Make Use of This Draught Excluder as It Prevents All Types of Bugs From Crawling Under The Bottom Of Doors.
  • A Heat Energy Saving Product that will stop Heat from Escaping Which Is a Great Choice To Seal Comfort for The Environment Inside Your Home


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