Elephant Soft Door Draught Excluder For Home


Elephant Door Excluder

Keep that draught at bay with this beautiful novelty animal door excluder. The elephant material excluder will be a stunning addition to your home.

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Elephant Door Excluder

  • Made of 100% Polyester
  • Size: approximately 90cm in length.
  • Perfect for stopping the cold wind from getting into your rooms so that you can stay nice and snug.
  • Feeling antsy about bugs? Door excluder’s also prevent pesky bugs from crawling under your doors.
  • A great heat and energy saving product, keep the heat inside your home.

Complies with British Fire Regulation.

This animal door draught excluder will keep the rooms in your home nice and warm by preventing the cold wind from seeping through your doors. Save your time, energy and heat- all while helping the environment. Be smart and save on cash as you find less need for using heat sources. If you like soft door draught excluder’s then this elephant door stopper  with its beautiful sewing pattern is the one for you. this door excluder will fit into any home. This doesn’t just prevent the cold from entering the home, but also act as a buffer to pesky insects and bugs as it prevents them from crawling into your space. This would make a great novelty gift to your friends and family for their homes!

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